City law may target Blacks

This story revealed systemic racism by Shreveport, Louisiana police in enforcement of a city law used almost exclusively to target Black citizens. Read the PDFs here and here

The Mayor and the Money

An extensive review of Shreveport, Louisiana Mayor Cedric Glover’s campaign finances revealed questionable practices and skirting the spirit of campaign finance laws. As a result of the story, Glover was sanctioned and fined by the Louisiana Ethics Board and the story was cited by the Investigative Editors and Reporters journal. Read the PDFs here, here and here.

Need for dental care sends patients to ER for care

While states offered medical coverage for poor and homeless adults, few offered dental care. A pre-Affordable Care Act condition that saw many seeking more expensive care in the emergency room. Reported for USA Today the story was cited by the Pew Center On The States.

Weak system triggering an influx of sex criminals to Nevada

A six-month investigation into the state’s sex offender management system revealed a multitude of shortcomings. The resulting special section of more than a dozen stories, including this lead story, was selected as the Story of the Year by the Nevada Press Association and won first place investigative story in the both the Nevada Press Association and the California Newspaper Publishers Association.

Ticket fraud

This data-focused story revealed two Shreveport, Louisiana police officers were falsifying traffic tickets. The officers ultimately were suspended from the department and charged with a crime. The story was a finalist in the 2007 Investigative Reporters and Editors contest.

One Fateful Day, it ended

Days before her election as the first Black female mayor of Shreveport, Louisiana, Ollie Tyler revealed decades earlier she had killed her first husband in a domestic violence situation. The story was landed through a public records request and exclusive interview with Tyler.

We want … protection

In the aftermath of Hurricane Issac, Plaquemines Parish was devastated leaving residents asking why more resources weren’t dedicated to their protection.

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Sheriff admits to missteps that that freed felon who killed student

A painstaking investigation revealed the killer of a missionary student in Tieton, Washington slipped through the hands of law enforcement just weeks before the murder.

Modern Day Slavery

This multi-part investigation was produced in cooperation with the John Jay College of Criminal Justice fellowship program.

Echoes of Ferguson visible in Shreveport

A revisit of an earlier story showed that Shreveport, Louisiana police were still singling out the city’s Black residents.

Farmworkers call for change

Farm-labor advocates gathered some 400 complaints from field and warehouse workers struggling with the Washington state Department of Labor and Industries’ claim process or still suffering from injuries long after their claims were closed. L&I disputed that it was trying to minimize medical treatment.

Candidate reaches settlement in lawsuit

This series of stories highlighting questionable campaign practices and finances by a Yakima City Council candidate resulted in a state investigation.

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